Black Fox Mouse

Imagine having a cute and social low-maintenance pet that makes close to no demands of you. That’d be rather time and cost-efficient, wouldn’t it? Plus, you’d still have the furry companion you’ve always wanted.

Luckily, there are pets like this, and the Black Fox mouse is one of them. It has proven to be an entertaining companion, and it’s easy to train as well. 

It’s no wonder that many pet owners are beginning to look in the direction of this cute pet. However, there are some things to know before choosing the Black Fox mouse as a pet. So, let’s check them!

What Is a Black Fox Mouse?

As the name suggests, the Black Fox mouse is one with a natural black tan. When you look at it closely, you’ll notice that its black tan gets lighter at the topmost part of its body. This dilution is because of the mouse’s two chinchilla genes.

Like most mice, the Black Fox mouse appears to enjoy human company, so it makes good pets. Handling it isn’t easy, though. But you can easily learn how.

What Do Black Fox Mice Eat?

It’ll interest you to know that Black Fox mice aren’t picky eaters. They can consume anything from grains to fruits, even meat products. So this mouse’s balanced diet could be a combination of beans and some off-the-counter mouse pellets. 

If you’re skeptical about what to feed your Black Fox mouse, consult a vet. Your vet can tell you what food to give your mouse and in what quantity and frequency. This usually varies by the size of your mouse and its activity level.

black fox mouse

Also, try to change the food you serve your pet mouse from time to time. And it’s good practice to discard uneaten food after 24 hours. This way, your pet doesn’t end up consuming damaged food.

The general time for feeding a Black Fox mouse is in the evening. This is because it wakes up around this time and begins looking for food. However, don’t just give it food; Black Fox mice also need water. So place some fresh water in their cage.

What’s the Best Housing for a Black Fox Mouse?

You should know that the Black Fox mouse is quite the escape artist. Place it under the wrong roof, and your pet is gone. This is why most mouse owners opt for a mouse cage. 

A mouse cage is an all-around metal construction with a good lid, making for good mouse housing. You can also go in for a tank, considering it’s well ventilated.

The recommended size for a Black Fox mouse cage is 80 cm by 50 cm on the floor and 50 cm high. However, the space between the bars should be just about 6 mm. This is because you don’t want your pet to waltz off the moment you step out of the room.

Avoid placing the cage under direct heat. You should also keep Black Fox mice somewhere they won’t get pestered by other animals. And make it a point to clean the cage occasionally.

How Do I Clean Their Cages?

You should tidy your pet’s enclosure, and, thankfully, it’s easy to do. Here’s how:

  • Remove the mice from their cages and place them in an enclosed area.
  • Take out the bedding and clean it thoroughly. Just make sure you keep a bit of the old scent in there, so your black fox still knows it lives there.
  • Spray the cage with a disinfectant recommended by the pet shop where you got your mouse. 
  • Wash the cage carefully, then leave it to air dry.

Remember to clean the feeding bowls too. You can do this with some warm water and a brush.

How Much Does a Black Fox Mouse Upkeep Cost?

A huge part of your expenses for keeping a Black Fox mouse would come from food and bedding. You should be looking at about 20–30 dollars a month for this. The good thing is that it’s budget-friendly compared to keeping a dog or cat.

You’ll also need to change the toys and play objects in the cage on a regular basis, which will cost roughly $20 on average. And keep in mind the routine examinations and emergency veterinarian treatment for your pet’s health.

How to Handle a Black Fox Mouse

Even though Black Fox mice may prove skittish at first, they grow accustomed to human touch with time. The key is to handle them with care. But how?

For starters, avoid picking your mouse up by the tip of its tail. What you should do is slide your hand beneath the tail and quickly lift the body. Do this with tender fingers; you don’t want to suffocate your mouse.

Where Can I Get a Black Fox Mouse?

You can buy a Black Fox mouse from any pet store. However, you can place well-known shops and rescue groups at the top of your list, as most pet owners do. They often take good care of their pets before selling them.

Also, rescue organizations can give you some information on what you’re getting and notify you of health problems you should look out for (if there are any). 

Generally, Black Fox mice cost between $5 and $10. This price varies by the age and gender of the mice you’re getting. But you shouldn’t be paying too much outside of this range.

What Supplies Do I Get Before Buying a Black Fox Mouse?

Before you welcome your furry companion home, you should get the following:

  • Mice cage
  • Bedding
  • Litter box
  • Food and water bowl
  • Mouse carrier
  • Hidey-hole
  • Drip bottle

These supplies would put you on the right path to becoming a great pet owner. However, you may need more complementary supplies later, but these supplies should suffice in the first few weeks.

Final Words

Now, you know the important bits to owning a Black Fox mouse. It’s cute and sociable, but it comes with certain responsibilities.

You need to handle it gently, or else you might hurt it. Look out for where you keep these mice too. A good practice is to clean their enclosures but also leave a bit of old bedding in the cage. This is because Black Fox mice familiarize themselves with certain scents.

When it comes to food, they’re not picky eaters. A mix of grains, fruits, and some veggies should do.