Author: wpx_elsaid

  • Merle Mouse

    Getting a pet mouse can be a good idea, but only if you choose a species that’s suitable for the household environment. Not to mention, the source of the mouse is also essential.  A merle mouse can be of any species, but if we’re talking about pet mice, a fancy rat with a merle appearance […]

  • Argente Mouse

    It’s no secret that there’s a media-driven hostility toward keeping mice as pets. Whether it’s because of their portrayal in movies and TV shows or because of poorly-informed people, it’s time to set the record straight. Mice are, in fact, among the most intelligent, most entertaining, and cutest pets you can keep. In this article, […]

  • Siamese Mouse

    Do you want a pet that isn’t too messy or increasingly lazy? Pets are often either active and fun but cause mess or lazy and clean but aren’t entertaining. However, pet mice provide a perfect balance between those traits, and they’re easy to care for. Today, we’ll talk about distinctive pet mice that flaunt a […]

  • Manx Mice

    While most people wince at the thought of mice and rats, others harbor a particular interest in keeping them as pets. Today, fancy mice are considered some of the most popular pocket pets, particularly among children.  There are many different breeds of fancy mice out there, each with its own temperament and characteristics. We’re going […]

  • Astrex Mouse

    One of the main qualities that make mice such great pets is how cute they are, so when you add curls into the equation, their cuteness-quotient flies through the roof.  Astrex mice stand out among fancy mice for precisely the above reason: you’ll be hard-pressed not to coo at the natural waviness in the Astrex […]

  • Satin Rex Mouse

    When people think of the word “pet,” cats and dogs are the first animals that pop into their minds–not mice. However, contrary to popular belief, they make for great pets; they don’t require much space, making them perfect for apartment dwellers with strict landlords. Fancy mice, in particular, are both cute and affectionate, and if […]

  • Black Mouse

    Have you ever wondered what it’d be like to pet a black mouse? It turns out that not everyone is  afraid of mice. In fact, some people like to keep them as pets. But what is it like to pet a black mouse? Is it even safe to keep rodents at home? Let’s find out! […]

  • Himalayan Mouse

    Even though most people often disregard them as unhygienic and unaffectionate, fancy mice are clean, low-maintenance pets that don’t require much space to thrive. As opposed to cats and dogs who can wreak havoc with your furniture, these adorable critters keep a low profile and stick to their cages. Don’t let that fool you into […]